Security is everyone’s responsibility, which is why we make sure both your technical and non-technical teams are in lockstep. From decision makers to data wranglers, Hive- IQ® helps you move your organization at the speed of need.


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Why Hive-IQ?

A tree diagram branching off from a gear to 3 people, representing managing different people working on a project

Improve Project Management

Seamless compliance integration brings the whole team into one powerful platform, connecting you to relevant people, projects, and technology at the speed of need.

A hand choosing 1 of 4 boxes to represent a decision maker engaging in something

Keep Decision Makers Engaged

Collaborate, make decisions, and stay organized across your entire workspace. Our solutions bridge the gap between technical and non-technical communities.

A puzzle piece connecting to 3 others to form a complete square

Integrate Your Team’s Tech

Integrate beyond expensive endpoints and complete your enterprise situational awareness picture. With enterprise chat, collaboration, project management, and cyber security platforms, your team can better utilize your existing technology.

A hand meeting 2 others so that they are all joined in the center, representing teamwork and collaboration

Inspire Team Collaboration

Get your team on the same page. Intelligently designed with integrated chat and easy-to-understand data visualization capabilities, Hive-IQ enables your team to securely work across multiple platforms, giving you the ability to act quickly and decisively.


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