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We are a product-focused software solutions provider on a mission to unify people, processes, and technologies for swift and secure collaboration in support of national cyber defense.


Family First

We believe in family first, promoting work-life balance, and supporting our fellow teammates’ goals and objectives.

Teamwork Makes the TeamWorx

We are a collaborative team of teams. We build diverse teams because we believe diversity is a requirement for innovation. We encourage questions, respect different backgrounds, and seek diverse perspectives.

Hungry to Make a Difference

We are hungry, driven, and passionate about building cool stuff and making a difference. We believe in taking initiative and we are persistent. If we fail, we try another path.

Take Extreme Ownership

We take ownership of all that we do. We encourage leadership throughout the company with the expectation to be confident and humble.

Honor Those Who Serve

We honor, serve, and hire veterans, military spouses, and those who support our customers.

Chris and Laura met at the Johns Hopkins’ Applied Physic Laboratory (APL), a national research lab where they developed solutions to improve our nation’s ability to defend itself from advanced cyber threats. They are the authors and creators of Mission Analysis & Research of Threat Intelligence (MARTI) which quickly gained a national audience. Their peers and future customers convinced them to spin off into the company we are today.

Reinventing the way technical and non-technical people work with technology. We believe in creating harmonious, automated solutions designed to improve your daily workflow by organizing disparate work applications into one efficient, easy-to-use environment.

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TeamWorx Security is based on a simple idea: Leverage our technology, people, and resources to improve the communities around us. We’ve committed to a 1-1-1 philanthropic model, allowing us to engage our employees in their communities and support the effectiveness of the social idea.

Beyond our dedication to philanthropy, we’ve also committed our time and resources, hosting job fairs to connect demobilizing National Guardsmen with great industry jobs that utilize the experience gained from mobilization tours.

Over the past few years, TeamWorx Security has had the privilege of partnering with organizations around the country, delivering effective solutions across industries.

TeamWorx Security’s Hive-IQ®, works with most platforms and capability providers to connect analysts, operators, and decision-makers, to all technical and non-technical teams while conducting Detection as a Service, cyber incident response, cyber intelligence analysis, and increasing decision-making across the entire enterprise. Hive-IQ keeps decision makers along with the rest of the organization informed and aligned in real-time while moving data to decisions at the speed of need.


TeamWorx Security is growing quickly, and the work we do challenges traditional ideas about how technical and non-technical teams should work together. If this sounds like your kind of challenge, we’d love to hear from you, but be warned: We ONLY hire the best attitudes and the most out-of-the-box thinkers from across all industries.

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Global Collaboration. Cyber Incident Response. Automated Malware Analysis.

When it comes to incident response, security is everyone’s responsibility, which is why we make sure both your technical and non-technical teams are in lockstep. A platform that brings your entire company, mission, & distributed team together, faster. From decision makers to data wranglers, Hive- IQ® helps you move your organization at the speed of need. 
Hive-IQ isn’t just another chat tool. It’s a suite of features that integrate well into your existing work technology giving you and everyone in your “Hive” a simple, familiar way to share information and data with the right people, at the right time. As a result, Hive-IQ helps everyone stay in touch, in sync, and on track to achieve your goals.
Cyber Team Collaboration

Integrated Project Management

Seamless workflow integration brings the whole team into one powerful platform, connecting you to relevant people, projects, and technology at the speed of need.

Deep Collaboration

Keep All Decision Makers Engaged

Decision making is now a globally distributed phenomenon. Informed decisions are better decisions. Our solutions bridge the gap between technical and non-technical communities around the world.

Incident Management

Seamless Tool Integration

Team productivity is dependent on an integrated work environment.  We integrate secure chat, collaboration, project management, and 3rd party tools across your globally distributed team.

Information Sharing

Inspire Team Collaboration

Collaboration and communication is the heart and soul of your entire organization. Work securely across multiple teams and platforms giving you the advantage of a quick and decisive decision.

Our malware and cyber security teams never worked in together until they used Hive-IQ powered by MATRIX. Now they can’t imagine the cyber security mission any other way.

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