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TeamWorx Security is a distributed organization that’s developing and using technology to continuously improve the intersection between technology and people. Our work supports efforts to help organizations better understand their data, address the complexities of complicated technology, and help our customers integrate their working environments. In addition, our technology is being deployed around the world, giving your enterprise the voice it deserves. Hive-IQ® is our trademark technology, offering a tactical level integration between analysis and operations. We’re dedicated, passionate and committed to making an eternal impact on some of our industries biggest problems. We work hard, play hard, and fiercely support each other. This is the TeamWorx Security way!




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    We’re always looking for the best in the following areas:

    • Data Scientists and Engineers
    • Software Engineers
    • Cyber Security Engineers
    • Cyber and Intelligence Analysts
    • Cloud Engineers
    • Machine Learning Engineers
    • UI/UX Engineers

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    TeamWorx Security is ALWAYS seeking extremely talented veterans and those who want to learn, develop and contribute to the mission. You are the heart and soul of what we do and why we do it. We welcome technical project managers, administration everything in between. If you have a skillset you want to expand, let us know.