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Intelligent Workforce Technology


Unparalleled Mission Experience,

IR Management• Deep Collaboration • Automated Malware Analysis

TeamWorx Security is a data science and software engineering firm hyper-focused on creating seamless workflow integrations between people, processes, and technology. Our analytics focus on integrating the entire workforce across different architectures, while bridging the gap among technical and non-technical teams.

Our suite of solutions encompass cyber security and Incident Response (IR), advanced malware analysis, threat intelligence analysis, enterprise communication, and critical infrastructure support.

From defending our nation’s critical infrastructure industries to helping your global IT security teams collaborate more effectively, we are dedicated to creating and implementing the most user-friendly technologies for the most complex operations on the planet.


The TeamWorx Security team introduced Hive-IQ to our regional IT security operations and streamlined how we manage our growing cyber incident response teams, remote malware analysis, and decision-making efforts across all of our partnerships all while integrating what we’ve already invested in 2020


Connecting data driven environments and decision makers throughout your mission all at the speed of need.

Hive-IQ is a deep collaboration solution that is designed for complex operating environments often found in cyber security, intelligence, and advanced IT enterprises. One powerful platform that helps you access, manage, and gain insights from your data giving you a competitive advantage.

We enable global teams to apply data analytics to change the way we automate, visualize, and manage threats. Unlike traditional threat analysis platforms and other general-purpose IT tools, Hive-IQ is fully configurable and purpose-built for the global threat analysis enterprise. Comprehensive data, customizable dashboards, and robust reporting features ensure senior leadership can access key information when they need it.

What We Do

From R&D to Product Development Everything in Between

TeamWorx Security provides a wealth of expertise in the intelligence and cyber threat analysis missions that we apply to the development of customized intelligent data analytics for missions with growing and disparate datasets. We bring context, understanding, and prioritized access to even the most non-technical analysis and operations teams.

DevOps methodology, in collaboration with security disciplines (DevSecOps), and agile software development allows developers and operations teams to build, test, deploy and monitor applications with speed, quality and control. In other words, we increase the frequency of deployments, which helps to service our customers faster.



Always-On-Mission Support

We provide a tailored training curriculum for all our products and services. Created in partnership to support the DoD and National Guard Cyber Mission our training curriculum is offered for both Government and Commercial entities in Maryland near Fort Meade or can be supported at your location. Our curriculum includes:

  • OSINT – Open Source Intelligence
  • ETAC – Executive Threat Analysis
  • ITAC – Integrated Threat Analysis
  • ATAC – Advanced ITAC
  • KTAC – Key Terrain Analysis
  • and more…

Our Work

Some companies build software for the Department of Defense.
Some build for commercial industries.
We do both.

Whether you’re a mission-focused organization looking for a better integrated team and mission collaboration solution or part of our Nation’s critical infrastructure industries looking for a more efficient and effective way to work across distributed teams, we’ve got you covered.


Hive-IQ is becoming the command post of the future for cyber response.

Army National Guard

Hive-IQ is easy to use, easy to understand, and the Cyber 9 Lines are good for rapid communications.

U.S. Army

I’ve been looking for 3 to 4 years, and Hive-IQ is the only tool so far to help me successfully manage my team during incident response.

Army National Guard

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