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Driven By Data
Powered By Passion

We are deeply experienced in what your mission needs. And even more passionate in how we deliver it. This is TeamWorx Security—your fastest route from vital data to decisive action.

Our advanced software engineering and data science solutions seamlessly unite your teams, technology and processes to deliver a single objective: Total mission success

In today’s world, your most formidable adversary is a delayed decision – especially an over-classified one. Which makes all that TeamWorx Security delivers all the more vital to a mission’s successful outcome.

No matter how complex your operation, or how difficult the environment, our technology solutions are as comprehensive and effective as they are advanced and user-friendly. From cyber security and cyber incident response, to automated and advanced malware analysis, from threat intelligence analysis and enterprise collaboration, to securing critical infrastructure, TeamWorx Security provides your entire distributed and remote workforce and partners with all the tools they need to protect our country, and our future.

Welcome to right now, and Hive-IQ®. We created Hive-IQ because our nation’s security can’t wait. At TeamWorx Security, we’ve dedicated our lives to supporting the people protecting our country. And nothing proves that more than Hive-IQ—our deep collaboration solution that seamlessly connects data-driven environments with decision makers, all at the speed of need.

Here in a single threat analysis platform you’ll have all the advanced tools your global teams need to automate, visualize and manage threats with comprehensive data, customizable dashboards and the most robust reporting that enables decision makers to access critical information when they need it most. Which is right now – the only time zone that Hive-IQ operates in.

Hive-IQ is powered by MATRIX, to empower you with the most timely and informed decision-making capabilities. The name MATRIX says it all – Malware Analysis & Threat Research Information Exchange. With MATRIX-powered Hive-IQ your cyber team benefits from real-time collaboration with mission partners spanning the globe, giving you the ability to respond as close to instantly as is humanly and technically possible. And because today’s most dangerous cyber threats are the ones coming tomorrow, MATRIX-powered Hive-IQ means you’ll be more than ready to meet and to defeat both current and future threats. Starting right now.


TeamWorx Security is very proud of our Minority-and-Veteran-Owned status. And of our major contributions to the country’s defense.

Our company began as a Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory spin-off. But, despite this impressive pedigree, it’s what we’ve done since then that truly shows who we are, and what we stand for. Every minute of every day, TeamWorx Security experts apply their knowledge, expertise, passion for excellence and their sense of duty to the country in the development and application of data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software development and engineering, among other vital data services, all focused on the success of your mission.

This is TeamWorx Security. Driven by data, powered by passion. And ready to serve you, and our country.


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