Decisions Happen Beyond the Endpoint.

TeamWorx Security is a data science and engineering company hyper focused on intelligent workflow, enterprise integration and secure team collaboration enabling decision making through the power of team. 

TeamWorx Security is a SBA certified 8(a) and Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business founded in 2016. Born from R&D roots,  we believe all technology and services should improve workflow between people, organizations and mission.

Why TeamWorx Security exists:

  • We aspire to build the best teaming environments
  • We think enterprise automation should be better
  • We believe technology should reduce talent shortages
  • We make technology inform at all levels of the mission
  • We SAY technology should not be so complicated
  • Our dream is to inspire technology to play well with others

Get to Know TeamWorx Security

TeamWorx Security is redefining and transforming data dependent organizations through intelligent workflow and automation to improve real time decision making for the Department of Defense, Federal Departments and Agencies, and commercial industry where teams and ideas happen at the speed of need.

“Observe Globally, Protect Nationally, Defend Locally”
This is what we offer:

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TeamWorx Mission

We Know the Mission

TeamWorx Products


TeamWorx Services


TeamWorx Training


Over 750 Analysts
Trained Globally

Integrating your tools and your concepts used on mission. Our technology integrates all of your technology to help you train like you fight. Would you settle for anything less?  

Multi-Domain Solutions for a Diverse Mission

Edge to Edge Analytics

Real-time analytics where your
data is generated


  • Intelligent sensor monitoring
  • See attackers before they get in
  • Increase situational awareness

Intelligent Orchestration

Seamless integration of
your existing technologies


  • Get ahead of the adversary
  • Reduce mundane tasks
  • Focus staff on critical analysis

Machine Learning

Automate deep learning of data,
behaviors and missions


  • Learn from changes in behavior
  • Summarize and parse reports
  • Suggestions from expert models

Data Collection & Research

Automated data gathering
and enrichment


  • Broad reach into many industries
  • Gain the advantage from data
  • Obtain labeled training sets

Knowledge Management

Maintain your technical expertise while reducing technical gaps

  • Accelerate staff expertise
  • Reduce training requirements
  • Reduce gaps from turn-over

Enterprise Collaboration

Collaboration on
your own terms


  • Chat, search and info sharing
  • In the cloud or behind forewalls
  • Set permissions and approvals