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Imagine a platform that brings your company, mission, and team together.

You Shouldn't Need An Engineer to Know What Your Data Says


Deep Collaboration + Incident Response Management

When it comes to incident response, security is everyone’s responsibility, which is why we make sure both your technical and non-technical teams are in lockstep. From decision makers to data wranglers, Hive- IQ® helps you move your organization at the speed of need.

Hive-IQ® isn’t just another chat tool. It’s a suite of features that integrate well into your existing work technology giving you and everyone in your “Hive” a simple, familiar way to share information and data with the right people, at the right time. As a result, Hive-IQ helps everyone stay in touch, in sync, and on track to achieve your goals.

Cyber Team Collaboration

Improve Project

Seamless compliance integration brings the whole team into one powerful platform, connecting you to relevant people, projects, and technology at the speed of need.

Deep Collaboration

Keep Decision
Makers Engaged

Collaborate, make decisions, and stay organized across your entire workspace. Our solutions bridge the gap between technical and non-technical communities.

Incident Management

Seamless Enterprise

Integrate beyond expensive endpoints and complete your enterprise situational awareness picture. With enterprise chat, collaboration, project management, and cyber security platforms, your team can better utilize your existing technology.

Information Sharing

Inspire Team

Get your team on the same page. Intelligently designed with integrated chat and easy-to-understand data visualization capabilities, Hive-IQ enables your team to securely work across multiple platforms, giving you the ability to act quickly and decisively.

Work With Us

We started with a simple concept of improving how people, workflow, and technology work together and our vision and our work continues today. Above all, our strategy is to create, partner, and work with the best technology, people, and organizations in our industry and we take our work seriously. If you’re looking for a great partner with exceptional capabilities, look no further than a great little technology company in Columbia, Maryland.


Hive-IQ is becoming the command post of the future for cyber response.

Army National Guard

Hive-IQ is easy to use, easy to understand, and the Cyber 9 Lines are good for rapid communications.

U.S. Army

I’ve been looking for 3 to 4 years, and Hive-IQ is the only tool so far to help me successfully manage my team during incident response.

Army National Guard

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