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Secure Global Collaboration. Secure Cyber Incident Response. Automated Malware Analysis.

When it comes to incident response, security is everyone’s responsibility, which is why we make sure both your technical and non-technical teams are in lockstep. A platform that brings your entire company, mission, & distributed team together, faster. From decision makers to data wranglers, Hive- IQ® helps you move your organization at the speed of need.

Hive-IQ isn’t just another chat tool. It’s a suite of features that integrate well into your existing work technology giving you and everyone in your “Hive” a simple, familiar way to share information and data with the right people, at the right time. As a result, Hive-IQ helps everyone stay in touch, in sync, and on track to achieve your goals.

Cyber Team Collaboration


Our solutions exceed industry security control standards, including end-to-end encryption. We enforce multi-factor authentication and enforce strict sharing and access controls for all of your data and sharing requirements.

Incident Management


Success is dependent on integrating your working environment. Hive-IQ introduces secure chat, team collaboration, seamless project management and 3rd party integrations across your globally distributed teams.

Deep Collaboration

Keep All Decision Makers Engaged

Decision making is now a globally distributed phenomenon. Informed decisions are better decisions. Our solutions bridge the gap between technical and non-technical communities around the world.

Information Sharing

Inspire Team Collaboration

Collaboration and communication is the heart and soul of your entire organization. Work securely across multiple teams and platforms giving you the advantage of a quick and decisive decision.

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