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New Book: Cyber Threat Intelligence Field Manual

In January 2023, TeamWorx Security, Inc., published the Cyber Threat Intelligence Field Manual (CTI FM). TeamWorx Security empowers security operation centers (SOC), managed security service providers (MSSP), and cyber incident response teams with the tools, expert analysis, and training needed for incidents in defense, cyber, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, and emergency management.

“The reason we started TeamWorx Security was to help protect our country from cyber threats and the publication of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Field Manual is an important part of our mission,” says Chris Anthony, lead author of the FM and cofounder of TeamWorx Security. “I started thinking about this book eight years ago and writing it has been a true team effort. This manual will be an invaluable resource to cyber threat intelligence analysts. I’m so proud of our folks at TeamWorx Security who helped this dream become a reality: Rick Chapman, Jordan Creamer, Allissa Race, Alexander Lothstein, Laura Nolan, and Sam Ingalls.”

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Field Manual will help readers:
1. Guide organizational leadership to explore the value of and invest resources in CTI.
2. Equip analysts with the ability to serve and protect their teams through practicing CTI.

3. Streamline communication between CTI analysts and traditional teams.

4. Challenge CTI analysts to contribute to overall cyber and organizational objectives.

The book is divided into selfcontained sections that can be read from beginning to end or by personal
priority, including:
Part 1: What is CTI? Covers the evolution from military intelligence to cyber intelligence, the nature of cyber threats, and the management of advanced persistent threats (APTs).
Part 2: How CTI Works Covers CTI analyst preparation, threat modeling, analysis tools, applications of CTI, and indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Part 3: Integrating CTI Covers building a CTI team and cybersecurity plan, including setting and measuring goals, examining legal considerations, and evaluating authorities.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Field Manual is available for purchase on Amazon. 
Chris Anthony’s first book, The Veteran Entrepreneur, My Journey from NCO to CEO, is also available on Amazon. 

TeamWorx Security was founded in 2016 by Chris Anthony and Laura Nolan as a spin-off from the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), a national research lab where we developed solutions to improve our nation’s ability to defend itself from advanced cyber threats. TeamWorx Security is a military veteran-owned business. We are hyper-focused on moving data to decisions faster. Our customers span defense, cyber, critical infrastructure, and emergency managers around the globe.

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Chris’s career spans the military, government, and academia. As CEO of TeamWorx Security, Chris spends his time growing and nurturing a team that supports the best customers in the world. As a military veteran, he is passionate and supports military veterans and military veteran entrepreneurs. As an engineer, he loves designing, building, and creating solutions that reside at the intersection of government and commercial industry. Chris is a former lecturer at the Johns Hopkins University Department of Engineering and an adjunct of Advanced Cyber Intelligence at the University of South Florida. Chris received his master’s degree from Norwich University and is a graduate of the Army’s prestigious Ranger School. Chris has spent most of his military career with the Army Rangers, 10th Special Forces Group, and the Intelligence Community.

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