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Created in partnership to support the DoD and National Guard Cyber Mission. Continuously updated with insights from US military and intelligence community best practices. TeamWorx Security, always on mission! NOW offered commercially and for the federal government at your location or ours.

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ESFC – Election Security Fundamentals Course

4 hours

Defending election infrastructure requires a team of teams approach. Learn election key terrain, threats and vulnerabilities, and resources available to those called upon to secure our local, State, and National elections.

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ETAC – Executive Threat Analysis Course

6 hours

For executive leaders who want to understand why threat analysis is key to operational cyber security and cyber investment decisions. Course has been delivered to 52 (out of 54) of The Adjutant Generals (TAGs).

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ITAC  – Integrated Threat Analysis Course

40 hours

Prepares multi-disciplined intelligence analysts and private industry to understand, operate, and successfully contribute to cyber defense, offense, and decision makers.

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ATAC - Advanced ITAC

40 hours

Acquire and assess the intentions, capabilities, and activities of adversaries and insiders who pose a threat to include attack methods that target your organization, mission, people and technology.

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KTAC – Key Terrain Analysis Course

24 hours

A classified course that teaches the operator/analyst how to identify, analyze, document, and to help guide their efforts within key terrain found in cyber.

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OSINT - Open Source Intelligence Course

24 hours

Designed for those interested in developing or enhancing OSINT skillsets. Introduces multi-disciplined analysts to threats within the cyber domain, and teaches analysts how to apply OSINT tactics to both enumerate those threats and tie into the joint planning process (JIPOE) for multi-domain operations.

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