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Keeping your organization on mission

Our training courses were created in partnership with the Department of Defense and the National Guard Cyber Mission. Over 2,000 analysts have been trained globally. The content is continuously updated with insights from US military and intelligence community best practices.

In-person training is offered commercially and for the federal government at your location or ours.

Integrated Threat Analysis Course® (ITAC)

Prepares DoD and industry-trained analysts to successfully navigate, work alongside, and inside the cyber security mission. You will learn how your skillset can contribute to the cyber defense, offense, and intelligence mission. 40 HOURS OVER 5 DAYS

Open Source Information Techniques Course (OSINT)

Designed for those interested in developing or enhancing OSINT skillsets. We introduce multi-discipline analysts to threats within the cyber domain by teaching OSINT techniques that are actively used by nefarious actors and how to recognize and defend against them. 40 HOURS OVER 5 DAYS

Malware Analysis Intermediate (MAI)

Welcome to the world of hands-on malware analysis. Instructors take students through a week’s worth of binaries, file types, code executions, and all of the malicious activity you can take in a secure and inclusive environment. 40 HOURS OVER 5 DAYS

Advanced Threat Analysis Course (ATAC)

Builds on our Integrated Threat Analysis Course with a deep dive into current and trending threats across the world. With a primary focus on the fundamentals and basics to best prepare the next level analyst for the workforce. 40 HOURS OVER 5 DAYS

Cyber Targeting Analysis Course (CTAC)

Passed on from our friends in the Navy, this course takes the best of strategic planning, creative analytic thought, and traditional targeting methods and rolls it up for use in a cyber network environment. Taking us back to our basics in a large-scale combat operations environment and transferring that same tactic to large scale cyber kinetic attacks. 80 HOURS OVER 10 DAYS

Key Terrain Analysis Course® (KTAC)

Hones in on comparative analysis between physical and network terrain understanding and comprehension. Students spend their time identifying, analyzing, and briefing through hands-on applications with real-world network models and modeled threat actors. 40 HOURS OVER 5 DAYS

Cyber 4 Linguists (C4L)

A new “language” addition for any linguist. Students will spend their time comprehending technology, IT, Networking, and related intelligence disciplines for the good of any language barrier-based client. Includes word relation engagement exercises to practice the use of new terms in languages without a direct correlation.  40 HOURS OVER 5 DAYS

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