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President's Cup Submission

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We invite you to register for an exclusive, hands-on experience to immerse you in our tailored onboarding. Our approach caters to your unique needs, ensuring you gain deep insights and practical knowledge about Hive-IQ and MATRIX. By joining us, you’ll benefit from personalized support, step-by-step guidance, and the opportunity to connect directly with our experts. 

Cyber 9-Line

The Cyber 9-Line program was created to connect tactical cyber events occurring within the homeland to resources and situational awareness at US Cyber Command, playing a critical role in the rapid response to incidents like the Colonial Pipeline attack. Integrated into Hive-IQ as the primary means for off-DoDIN malware ingestion and triage, Cyber 9-Line transformed cyber incident response times for the Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF) and its partners, reducing timelines from days to mere minutes — a 600% improvement.

We leverage advanced AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to distill complex, 100+ page technical reports into concise, actionable summaries for decision-makers in minutes. Additionally, these tools enhance coordination by curating real-time threat feeds and recommending relevant data, streamlining responses to cyber threats, and enabling teams to act swiftly and effectively.


Since 2016, we have led numerous cyber exercises to enhance cybersecurity for state and federal units and critical infrastructure. These exercises, involving adversarial Red Cells, defensive Blue Cells, and coordinating White Cells, revealed challenges in tracking and reporting activities. To address observed needs, we developed Hive-X, a revolutionary tool that automates real-time tracking and assessment.

Hive-X provides instant dashboards and generates rapid, detailed reports, allowing for immediate feedback and seamless coordination during exercises. Fully integrated with Hive-IQ’s triage and collaboration capabilities, this innovation has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of major cyber exercises like Cyber Yankee and Cyber Flag, enabling teams to quickly adapt and strengthen their response capabilities.

Cyber Flag

Our team has been at the forefront of delivering expert training during cyber exercises and for state and federal teams. Our seasoned trainers have educated and equipped thousands of cybersecurity professionals with the skills needed to navigate complex cyber landscapes. Whether on-site or through advanced remote training sessions, we ensure participants receive comprehensive instruction tailored to real-world scenarios and their missions.

During Cyber Flag 2022 and 2023, our remote training programs utilized cutting-edge technology to simulate real-time cyber threats, enabling participants to develop and hone their defensive tactics effectively, regardless of their location. By fostering a robust learning environment, we not only enhance the capabilities of individual teams but also strengthen the collective cybersecurity posture across organizations and partnerships.

Training Academy

TeamWorx Security is dedicated to empowering users with the knowledge to maximize the potential of our core technology that provides remote ingestion, rapid triage, and partnered collaboration – Hive-IQ and MATRIX. To enable this, we have developed a comprehensive suite of training videos that guide users through every feature and function of our ecosystem based on each specific user’s work role and use-case.

These videos, crafted by our team of cybersecurity and threat intelligence experts, provide step-by-step instructions and practical insights, making it easy for users to navigate and leverage Hive-IQ and MATRIX for their specific mission needs.

Media Marketing

Our team has also drafted strategic and operational talking points and press releases to support USCYBERCOM and NSA public engagement on election security and the contribution of the Cyber 9-Line program to that effort. These engagement pieces appeared on command websites, as well as C4ISRNET, FedScoop, and others.  Below are a few examples of these.