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We offer services that help people, organizations, & technology communicate better

We build user-friendly technology for some of the most complex operations on the planet. From R&D to Machine Learning and everything in between, we’re proud to offer flexible solutions that work for clients across industries.


Some of the “terms” we are asked about include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), visualization, data analytics, cyber situational awareness, integrators, devops, secdevops, devsecops, kubernetes, elestic, threat analysis, intelligence analysis, behavioral analysis, cuckoo, python, and java script.

We deal with these technologies and circumstances on a daily basis in our world. We can help you make sense of these and show you how they can help your organization as well.

Software Engineering

Sometimes the only way to solve a problem is to build a new piece of software from the ground up. Our experienced team of system engineers and full-stack developers will work directly with your team to design, build, and implement a purposefully designed solution.

Data Analytics

Find clarity among the chaos. Our team of data scientists, engineers, analysts, and operators help make better sense of data at the speed of need, giving our customers the ability to draw new conclusions and make decisions with confidence.

Natural Language Processing

The Department of Defense missions collect large amounts of data. We use mission ready natural language processing technology to automatically extract operationally relevant information for the analyst, operator, or the decision-maker.


Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Our work thrust into the cybersecurity industry, and our flagship product, Hive-IQ, has been deployed across the country, helping teams and missions integrate faster and more efficiently.

Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence analysts are often our first line of defense against the bad guys. Our background in advanced data analysis helps us support those on the front lines, giving them the tools they need to understand, mitigate, and neutralize threats.

Training & Curriculum Development

Created in partnership with the Department of Defense and the National Guard Cyber Mission, our training programs and curricula are continuously updated with insights from the U.S. military and intelligence communities.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is becoming a critical part of modern data driven enterprises. Organizations equipped with machine learning are capable of handling larger volumes of data more efficiently and efficiency adds to mission success.

Research & Development

As a naturally curious group of problem-solvers, R&D is in our blood. Born from national research, we invest in finding new solutions to the toughest challenges, helping our clients better defend the things that matter.

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