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artificial intelligence

Hive-AI is a powerful fully extensible artificial intelligence engine that drives our products and R&D efforts. It is designed to support everything from traditional AI, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and beyond.

As AI is becoming more common and mature it is important to think about how we leverage this technology in a highly effective way that optimizes actionable insights and accelerates time to solution. Hive-AI is designed to enable widespread adoption of AI capabilities in a way that reduces the initial investment and ensures success.

Increase Productivity

Focused on automation and facilitation to improve communication, collaboration, and rapid decision-making.

Decreases time to Action

Drives curated data insights and reduces cognitive load by making intelligent automated recommendations. #speedofneed

Increases Agility

Identify trends with predictive analysis to identify anomalies and widespread observations.

Push the envelope

Build truly innovative solutions that integrate, apply, and operationalize AI/ML/NLP concepts.

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