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STREAM: Software Test Results, Evaluation, And Monitoring

A collaborative software testing platform designed to include the efforts of the entire distributed team

Software Testing Environment

STREAM supports Agile & an automated software testing environment by connecting your fragmented data and streamlining the flow of information between disparate repositories, teams, and processes.

The platform visualizes aggregated and correlated data across your projects & test frameworks, and leverages analytics to identify anomalies. Your team will share information, generate reports, and collaborate in a single environment to enable faster decisions and focus on key areas for your team’s improvement.

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We started with a simple concept of improving how people, workflow, and technology work together and our vision and our work continues today. Our strategy is to create, partner, and work with the best technology, people, and organizations in our industry and we take our work seriously. If you’re looking for a great partner, look no further than a great little technology company in Columbia, Maryland.


Hive-IQ is becoming the command post of the future for cyber response.

Army National Guard

Hive-IQ is easy to use, easy to understand, and the Cyber 9 Lines are good for rapid communications.

U.S. Army

I’ve been looking for 3 to 4 years, and Hive-IQ is the only tool so far to help me successfully manage my team during incident response.

Army National Guard

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