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STREAM supports Agile & an automated software testing environment by connecting your fragmented data and streamlining the flow of information between disparate repositories, teams, and processes.

Imagine your entire software testing team working and tracking their efforts on one seamless platform that rides on top of Jira and other ticketing systems. STREAM visualizes aggregated and correlated data across your projects & test frameworks, leveraging AI/ML analytics to identify anomalies.

Cyber Team Collaboration

Connects Data & People

STREAM supports Agile & automated software testing environments by connecting your fragmented data with geographically dispersed teams to keep everyone informed.

Generates Data Insights

STREAM enables data insights by providing metrics and graphics from disparate data sources not readily available or easily obtainable.

A Puzzle Piece Connecting To 3 Others To Form A Complete Square

Aggregates Large Projects

The platform automates and aggregates large, complex projects consisting of thousands of Jira tickets and test case executions.

Identifies Anomalies

STREAM achieves 90%+ machine learning accuracy to predict individual test case results for anomaly identification.

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