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On demand malware analysis and training for remote and distributed teams

Perform cyber incident response with automated and advanced analysis in an on-demand virtual environment with the industry’s best toolsets. Conduct malware analysis and capture findings closer to the source while sharing findings with the Hive-IQ® community for shared situational awareness and collective response.

Automated & Advanced Analysis

Conduct malware analysis, network analysis, forensics, cyber incident response, training, and continuity of operations for your distributed team.

Cyber Team Collaboration

Virtual Environment

MATRIX enables static and dynamic analysis, decoding, snapshots, and file extraction in an isolated and destroyable virtual environment.

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On-Demand Analysis

Improve cyber incident response times by 300% by performing analysis 24×7 from wherever your mission takes you. #speedofneed

Industry’s Best Tools

Use state-of-the-art open source, commercial, and customized tools in Windows and Linux environments.

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