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Intelligent Data Extraction

Accurately extracts costs and contract data from structured and unstructured documents

Currently applied to optimizing the contract and procurement process, INDEX extracts and analyzes information from structured and unstructured documents. INDEX analyzes features using ML and NLP to automatically detect relationships and build mathematical formulas to summarize text and numbers with complete references to the original documents.

Automates Manual Tasks

In just one year, a single Command completed more than 53,000 procurement actions; INDEX automates time-consuming and manual processes and is estimated to save an organization over 25,000 labor hours annually.

Enables the Human

INDEX is approximately 170 times faster at reading documents, taking only 45 seconds to read 1,000 words. It is 40 times faster at summarizing documents, taking 13 minutes to produce a 20-page report that typically requires 33 hours of an analyst’s time.

Improves Efficiency and Accuracy

INDEX helps analysts improves the efficiency and accuracy of assessments by automatically extracting, organizing, and summarizing thousands of documents.

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Processes and Summarizes

INDEX reviews, processes, and summarizes collections of documents quickly and efficiently, producing report-ready information in less time than the current manual review process.

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