We love a challenge. Working with complex industries like cybersecurity, education, and critical infrastructure has forced our team to think quickly, developing smart solutions that make our clients’ digital operations more efficient.


a light flashing to represent detection of a security threat

Cyber Security + Incident Response

A cyber attack can happen at any time, quickly leaving you vulnerable and unprepared. Track, and manage your team's response across multiple tools and partners, staying organized throughout the entire event: every day, every project.

an eyeball with an exclamation point in the center, representing analysis of problems or threats

Threat + Intelligence Analysis

Sifting through hundreds of reports, events, and technology solutions is difficult and time consuming. Take back control of your complex silos, reduce complexity, and more efficiently integrate your work across the entire team and mission.

overlapping speech bubbles to represent communication

Enterprise Communication + Collaboration

Keep decision makers in the know by speaking their language. Our customized solutions automate your most crucial communications, and an easy-to-use interface ensures that key players get the information they’re looking for. Share information across teams, then collaborate easily with a robust chat platform.

a hand holding a machine gear to represent system support

Critical Infrastructure Support

The systems that keep our nation up and running often have a hard time communicating with one another. Bring clarity to all of your partners across the critical infrastructure industry with a customized, easy-to-use software solution.


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